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The Ultimate Online-Marketing Acquisition Solution

Bizbuzz is a global marketing company founded by experts in the fields of online marketing and campaign optimization. We help companies with complex online marketing needs achieve their full potential. Our results-driven technology has earned us worldwide recognition for delivering extremely competitive results with a unique client-oriented business model.

Complete Marketing

Bizbuzz optimizes online marketing campaigns based on the true value of leads and acquired customers. Our advanced campaign management systems eliminate the low value segments and optimize the high ones.

Marketing to Sales

Bizbuzz maximizes the potential of marketing and sales systems by synchronizing media and creative with call centers. This allows you to get a precise message to the right person at the right time and assign the lead to the most suitable salesperson.

Business Model

We apply a wide range of true results-driven business models and create mutual win-win scenarios with our clients, taking full responsibility for all costs and risks of the marketing and sales outcome.

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